Are HR Ready For The Direct Sourcing Challenge? Our Survey Said…



JobsTheWord are changing the face of recruitment. They are pioneers in the UK in the use of big data technology. Using clever bespoke algorithms combined with their ability to access all freely available information, they can quickly and effectively discover perfect passive and active applicants on behalf of employers. This ‘virtual headhunting’ service significantly reduces the time and cost it takes to find ideal candidates for their current roles and talent pools. They confidently forecast that the service will continue to vastly reduce agency spending for their clients.


There are companies in almost every sector that will spend in excess of £100k on recruitment in any given year.  These huge recruitment agency fees have created a need for in-house recruiters.   While the idea behind   in-house recruiters is to save money on agency fees, it doesn’t always work out as well as planned. Agencies are able to fill vacancies with good candidates so quickly because of their access to large networks and many active candidate pools. In-house recruiters tend to have a much smaller network and little or no candidate pool so their ability to fill a role with the best candidate particularly within a specialist industry may be slowed down significantly and time is money.

As the need to reduce agency spend is ever increasing,  JobsTheWord wanted to know if their service supported service supported that aim and other key aspects of in-house recruitment. Would they be able make in-house recruitment more cost-effective than agency use? In May 2016 they surveyed in-house recruitment professionals which included recruitment leaders, relationship managers and resourcers.


They gathered thoughts from the professionals on the subject of direct sourcing edited diverse sourcingchallenges defined by such questions as: what defines diverse talent sourcing? How did they decide which sources are used?  This allowed JobsTheWord to find out what was important to the people surveyed, what position they held and the influence this had on tools and/or strategy.


The results of the survey proved to be very interesting and could be invaluable to professionals working with, in and around direct sourcing. They also highlight some of the unspoken needs of a successful in-house recruitment campaign.

They are available to view free of charge via  JobsTheWord’s recently published white paper.

Mike Sandiford
Head of Partnerships
0207 193 9931

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