The Apprentice – More Than Just Entertainment?

It’s time for our regular Friday Fun slot, where we choose a topical subject, put key words into our MapUp location intelligence app, and see what appears.

The 24-year-old Australian digital marketing sales manager, Mark Wright, has made quite an impression on regular viewers of The Apprentice, and with the rapid growth of apprentices across all industry and service sectors, this seemed like a great topic.

As with all good apprentices, Mark is not short of confidence, smiling not unlike the wolf in Red Riding Hood as he told fellow finalist Bianca:

I can’t wait to win this

during the taxi ride at the end of the show. However, in the final interview round earlier in the day, he was confronted by previous winner and now recruitment consultant, Ricky Martin, about the integrity of his CV.

Ricky Martin was crowned winner of The Apprentice in June 2012, and has since successfully set up and expanded his own specialist recruitment consultancy using the investment from Lord Sugar.

He is used to interviewing candidates and directly challenged Mark about how long he had actually been a Sales Manager with his present company. When Ricky discovered it had only been for the last 12 months, rather than the length of time he had actually been with the company, Mark’s quick thinking retort was:

I just summarised my longest time in the business…

Ricky’s dismissive response cut him down to size in a flash:

I see that as being deceitful

he said. So it would seem those preparing to be interviewed should consider just what impression they are giving employers when presenting factual information on their CVs if they want to be in with a chance of success.

Entertainment aside for a moment though, the latest Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) report revealed that graduates and A-level students are three times more likely to be jobless a year after finishing their courses than apprentices. So the careful process of choosing and retaining apprentices is obviously working for employers and good to know the value of apprenticeships is once again being appreciated by all.

The Apprentice More Than Just EntertainmentWhen entering – apprentices – into MapUp, we were surprised to discover there are around 382,000 throughout the country, with Bristol showing the highest proportion outside of London, coming in at an impressive 7,500. Could this be down to agencies like The South West Apprenticeship Company helping candidates and employers find the right apprentices for their business?

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Meanwhile for those who want to see the outcome of the battle between Bianca and Mark, The Apprentice finale airs Sunday 21 December at 9 pm, on BBC One.

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