7 Highly Frustrating Online Recruiter Habits

We love hearing feedback of all types from our candidates, as well as from our employers.  This week was a comment with a difference. We received a request to post a blog on our site with some ‘fearless feedback’ for all recruiters, but included a positive twist for JobsTheWord, after we had discovered the writer as a passive candidate.

Naturally we all accept that online application is the 21st century ‘way’ and I’m sure no-one has a problem with the method per se.  What is important though is how that process happens, ie, the simplicity of access, the language used and the ease of two-way communication process – all vital for both the sanity and success of selector and selectee.

About the Writer

Our contributor’s company helps its clients develop their personal impact skills by creating personal brand identity, presentation and sales skills, and is frequently told by those who attending the sessions just how frustrating job boards, recruitment companies and the whole online recruitment process can be.

The company decided to carry out an in depth survey of their clients’ experiences of applying for roles, which forms the basis of the article. One quote was certainly damning: ‘It’s as if ‘they’ make it as difficult, time-consuming and frustrating as possible to apply on line with check boxes, complex systems that often throw out ‘system error’ and cut into valuable time and effort.’  As a result they gave up, something neither parties want to happen.

So here’s a compilation of the top seven frustrations they discovered.

7 Highly Frustrating Online Recruiter Habits

1  Go On; Tell Us Who You Are!
One thrilled client ,who had taken part in the survey, found they’d made the cut through the ether, but not sure how or why he suddenly felt himself top of list and in daily contact via his inbox. So, the agency recruiter hadn’t taken the time, effort or insight to clearly define who they are, their point of differentiation and their successful placements. Surely it’s common sense, for any brand to define what they do, who they are and inspire word of mouth selectees to talk about them because of their evidenced success stories’.

2  Job Boards/Online Recruiters Standard Replies
The majority of our clients accepted that standard replies are necessary for increasing volumes and – with latest research highlighting one position for every 80 graduates – a general response is necessary, but at least make it inspiring and motivating.

3  Keep the Process Simple
Others mentioned ‘system errors’, dialogue pop ups, the lengthy registration process required just to get online and the lack of flexibility in the boxes to evidence creative flair, unique personality and resourcefulness – all criteria for the job!

4  Inconsistent Communication
I was amazed by some of the comments made by those who took part in our survey. They applied for jobs that require excellent rapport and interpersonal skills, only to find the online recruiter they were applying to made a complete mess of their communication. Either it began with ‘full on chat’, which then petered off, or somewhere along the process the wires were crossed, and the two way chat became fragmented and inconsistent, ending in the dilution of brand promise.

5  Fearless Feedback So We Can Learn and Improve
A common complaint was that recruitment agencies were reluctant to connect a candidate with an employer for realtime feedback after an interview, so they could learn and develop new interview techniques, or online cover letter success. They only received feedback from the agency, which is not as helpful.

6  Matching Profile with Ongoing Appropriate Positions
Those surveyed said the total giveaway for them was when the would be candidate is directed to a position that is clearly the polar opposite of skillset, knowledge, competency and costs recruiter, client and successor time, effort and finance.  Recruiter brand integrity is lost when the back office ‘experts’ are clearly lacking in the understanding of the job spec, competencies matrix and are simply having a guess at what’s needed.

7  Joining It Up
One of the biggest gripes was the lack of cohesiveness between the parties. For example, if the online recruiter had not taken the time to build up an effective relationship with both client and candidate, and had no knowledge of what was actually needed, or what was desired from the seeker. Result? The costly mismatch of wrong candidate for wrong position.  Time spent exploring the big questions at the outset to develop a steadfast understanding is invaluable time spent to ensure the right solutions are delivered. Invariably there is a need to join up to save time, money, and resources but more importantly – to maintain the brand’s valuable reputation.

What inspired me to actually write this?
It was when I personally received an email as a ‘passive candidate’ from JobsTheWord. It contained a perfectly tailored job for me. I was staggered, even more so when two others – equally matched – followed on the next week. For me JTW delivered over and above these seven frustrating habits.

JTW are definitely ‘the’ online recruiter with the intelligent difference.  They plan, join up and have mastered the online capability via BigData (which I now think I understand) to match the right profiles with the right positions and ensure they stand out from the crowd.

They tell you who they are and how they found you, not by chance, but with their online insightful program to discover your talents perfectly, and match you to the roles employers are looking to fill.

Great job JobsTheWord – keep up the good work!

Mike Sandiford
Head of Partnerships
0207 193 9931

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