50 Most Innovative Companies In The World

The top 50 most innovative companies in the world have been revealed and only one UK company made the cut.

The 2014 rankings from The Boston Consulting Group show that Apple is the most innovative company in the world, for the tenth year in a row.

Unsurprisingly technology and telecommunications companies dominated – they made up seven of the top ten and 21 of the top 50.

Two third of the most innovative companies are spending more on innovation this year than in 2013, while some revealed that their best ideas had come from analysing social media trends.

Worryingly for the UK, only one company made the top 50 list. Unilever, the multinational consumer goods company, was the only British representative.  Unilever spends almost £1bn a year on new inventions and employs 6,000 people in R&D

The company has a strong focus on sustainable innovation and says “looking to the future, all our products will incorporate social, economic and environmental metrics in their innovation plans.”

50 innovative companies in the world:

1. Apple 11. HP 21. Volkswagen 31. Procter & Gamble 41. Fast Retailing
2. Google 12. General Electric 22. 3M 32. Fiat 42. Wal-Mart
3. Samsung 13. Intel 23. Lenovo Group 33. Airbus 43. Tata Consultancy Services
4. Microsoft 14. Cisco Systems 24. Nike 34. Boeing 44. Nestle
5. IBM 15. Siemens 25. Daimler 35. Xiaomi Technology 45. Bayer
6. Amazon 16. Coca-Cola 26. General Motors 36. Yahoo 46. Starbucks
7. Tesla Motors 17. LG Electronics 27. Shell 37. Hitachi 47. Tencent Holdings
8. Toyota 18. BMW 28. Audi 38. MacDonald’s 48. BASF
9. Facebook 19. Ford 29. Philips 39. Oracle 49. Unilever
10. Sony 20. Dell 30. SoftBank 40. Salesforce.com 50. Huawei Technologies


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