4 simple ways to support your TAs

This year Bersin published a report regarding the importance of high performing talent acquisition teams and the direct influence their performance has on an organisation’s profitability.

The following are 4 simple steps any business can embrace to best support their Talent Advisors.

1) Internal platforms:

Existing employees are the pillar of any company. They are highly trained, they meet their deadlines, they know how to convert clients and keep them onboard. Losing such trained employees can be a big loss for any organisation. However a study carried out by Gallup observed that 93% of employees only leave their former employer, to seek a change in role.

It is important that your HR function has an internal process that provides the right kind of opportunity for your existing employees. Providing a platform where they can share their interests and decide on what carer path they are hoping to explore, as well as running a fully transparent internal application process, can be the difference between losing your top talent or keeping them happy for years to come.

2) Understanding the Candidate Journey:

Experienced TAs understand that the recruitment process involves taking a 360-degree approach, and this includes showing the respect you would show your existing employees, to your candidates. JobsTheWord’s white paper “What candidates want: 2018” highlighted that i) Respect of their time, ii) Transparency of the hiring process, and iii) Shared information about culture & values and an emotional quotient; were the core motivators for candidates going through the hiring process.

Listening to your TAs and allowing them to take the time to share information that they know the candidate wants to hear can be time well spent, and can also lead to an improvement in employee referral programs. Time spent here inevitably reduces the cost per hire further down the line!

3) Upgrade:

Encouraging your TAs to attend and participate in various recruitment activities, (seminars, webinars, conferences), allows them to up-skill their existing knowledge and network both within your organisation and externally. No matter what organisation you are in, it’s important that you are always ahead of the curve if you want to find the best talent in the industry, networking and information sharing is one of the most effective ways to assure this.

4) Analytics:

Wise TAs see data technology as an enabler rather than as a threat to their function and use the latest data analytics tools to inform their pipelines. Access to quality data allows them to perform strategically, estimating time to hire and informing Hiring Managers and executives about the complexities or ease of any given candidate market. Access to quality, accurate, Talent Market Analytics, enables TAs to influence business decisions on both an operational and a strategic level. 


TAs need to stay one step ahead of the industry to satisfy their employer’s demands, making sure they have access to the tools and data they need is the best route to enabling your TAs to be the best they can be.

If you’d like to find out more about the most complete, timely and relevant source of candidate and workforce intelligence, please feel to inquire about Horsefly, Talent Market Analytics here.

HORSEFLY Talent Market Analytics is the most complete, timely and relevant source of candidate and workforce intelligence, on the market.

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With Horsefly, users can instantly generate metrics and insights ready to present to internal teams and can demonstrate market knowledge to Hiring Managers and executives alike.

Horsefly users are also able to adopt and learn the language of candidates in any given market, generating trust and building relationships throughout the recruitment process.

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