Perfecting Your Social Media Recruitment

“Recruiting with social media is totally free” – myth. However, utilising social media as part of your recruitment mix – when done properly – is definitely worth the investment of your valuable human resource, which is where the true cost lies. However, before introducing social media to your mix, it is important to ensure you have your ducks in order.

1.   Appointing Your ‘A-Team’ For Successful Smart Recruiting

As with any team, the best results come from its people’s expertise, its combined experience and an injection of fresh ideas from the next generation. Smart recruiters are the ones who adapt as the profession’s landscape evolves; they have the ability to be flexible and utilise a mix of both traditional and contemporary mediums to get the results they need.

Be Human  There is rarely a one-stop-shop for all; smart recruiting is having true knowledge and understanding of your target markets, never losing sight of the fact you are dealing with real people. This can sometimes be lost in the myriad of applications from anyone and everyone, just because they are desperate for work, and has resulted in many companies’ application processes now consisting of long, complicated online forms, sifted by robots. A real shame when you have spent energy and resources tempting them into your pool, only to put them off by a convoluted, automated, impersonal application system.

Differentiate Yourself  The same can be said for those recruiters who use social media as simply another advertising channel for pushing job adverts. Social media gives you the unique opportunity to differentiate yourself by being a responsive recruiter, engaging with candidates and enhancing the ‘people aspect’ of your company’s brand, quickly spreading the word that your company is human and therefore a great place to work.

2.  Your Social Recruitment Strategy

To be successful as a social recruiter, it is extremely important not to dive in without taking the time to develop a social media and digital communication strategy; this in turn will build a solid foundation for your social media recruitment strategy. Here are a few tips to follow:

  • Realistic goals should be set for the outcomes required from posting of content, along with increasing positive awareness, building your brand and encouraging advocacy of your followers.
  • Each target should be clearly defined so that it can be measured.
  • Each team member should be given training to fully understand – not just the process, but also how crucial ‘listening’ is; they can then be responsibly held accountable for results.
  • When setting goals for your recruitment efforts, ensure you look critically at the social tools, next-generation recruitment systems and applicant tracking you will need to measure results.
  • Some of your staff will be more tuned in to social media, which make them natural choices for the task.
  • Put measures in place to share best practice amongst your team with careful management of their time so they do not get sucked into the black ‘social media’ hole.
  • And it is important to understand that building up a long-term candidate following takes time and requires imaginative approaches in order to maximise on short-term application volumes and employer brand building.

3.   The Social Recruiting Sites

In this increasingly, complex digital landscape, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook are currently the platforms of choice for dialogue and networking. The global people-reach is simply phenomenal and these platforms can significantly increase your chances of success of discovering that sought-after talent.

How?  Social media does wonders for your company’s search engine rankings, raising your profile, enabling you to virally spread the word about your organisation no matter how large or small. You can bring awareness of your job opportunities to those oblivious of your existence, attracting the attention of potential passive candidates you may never discover through traditional hiring methods, such as job boards and recruitment agencies.

Tone of Voice  Be aware that each site has its own personality; success on Twitter is quite different from that of Google+ and LinkedIn. Identify your target audience by finding out where they spend their time online. The ‘post and pray’ scenario of job boards also applies to social media recruitment. Social is all about relationship building and how you nurture the people you want to keep in your candidate pool for future jobs that arise.

Engage  Ignore those who show an interest in vacancies on social sites at your peril; they could do your organisation untold viral damage if you simply dismiss those who have taken the trouble to get in touch. A short message in a candidate’s Inbox can make a world of difference.

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