Childcare Costs Squeezing Parents Out Of Work

New research by 4Children finds that a quarter of parents in London believe they’ll either give up work this year because the expense of employing childminders or paying for a nursery.

The national survey of 1,000 parents of children aged between 0-16, commissioned by 4Children and carried out by Opinium, found that of those parents paying for childcare, almost 18 per cent are considering reducing their hours at work or giving up their job altogether because of the financial strain.

4Children Chief Executive Anne Longfield OBE said: “Childcare represents a huge financial challenge for most parents and our poll shows the real impact costs are having on family life – from giving up work to cutting back on essentials. Removing parents’ choice as to whether or not they continue to work after having children is not the answer for families or for the economy.

Parents of the youngest children are feeling the pressures most acutely and are calling on politicians to do more to help, particularly with the cost of childcare.

“The family vote will be key at the ballot box in May and 4Children is throwing down the gauntlet to politicians to set out how they will ensure childcare meets the needs of modern family life.”

The high price of childcare is a large yet under-recognised factor in London’s high cost of living.



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